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We are Cultivar Foods. For the past sixteen years we are committed to sourcing Organic and Natural products, either enrolled or verified with the Non-GMO Project, directly from ethical and environmentally responsible farmers and manufacturers.


Since day one we believe that our extended relationship with farmers that promote sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem – soil, plants, animals and people – is an effective way to inspire consumers to cultivate a better life.


Cultivar Foods serves hundreds of customers and values all its relationships, including independent health food stores, grocery and independent grocery chains, speciality retailers, restaurants, cafés, juice and smoothie bars, and wholesalers across Canada.


We are very passionate and proud of what we do and how we do it. Thank you for stopping by to learn more.


To your health,

Cultivar Team

Cultivar Foods has a mission: to facilitate the access for those looking for a healthier life to organic food. To achieve our goals and follow our commitment strictly, we only source products that are certified by well-known organizations.  

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