We are Cultivar Foods. For the past ten years we are committed to sourcing Organic and Natural products, either enrolled or verified with the Non-GMO Project, directly from ethical and environmentally responsible farmers and manufacturers.


Since day one we believe that our extended relationship with farmers that promote sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem – soil, plants, animals and people – is an effective way to inspire consumers to cultivate a better life.


Cultivar Foods serves hundreds of customers and values all its relationships, including independent health food stores, grocery and independent grocery chains, speciality retailers, restaurants, cafés, juice and smoothie bars, and wholesalers across Canada.


We are very passionate and proud of what we do and how we do it. Thank you for stopping by to learn more.


To your health,

Cultivar Team


The Shan is a marginalized ethnic community from neighbouring Burma and the people provide much of the cheap, undocumented labour in Northern Thailand. They often work illegally for a daily wage (no work, no pay), and many of them do not read or write Burmese, Thai or English. The women in particular generally take what work they can, or have to care for their children with no chance for financial independence.  ​


Seeing an opportunity to make a difference, Mekhala committed early on to hire Shan women on proper employment contracts with paid public holidays, sick and personal leave days, health insurance and sponsor their work permits. Inspired by the Indian dubbawalla of India, we also developed a proprietory symbol system that allows us to hire illiterate women, giving them independence in the workplace. 

Acai (ah-sy-ee) is a Brazilian berry from the Amazon. These Acai seeds used on this sandal have been purchased from Acai Roots, a leading Acai company that promotes sustainability and fair trade in the Amazon. Acai Roots donates all profits from these seeds to Rhythm of Hope, which helps underprivileged families living in Brazilian "favelas".